Careers in the extractive industries – how competitive are you?

June 17, 2014

Competition is growing in the oil and gas management industries. Increasingly there is demand for managers in those industries who have an intelligent grasp on what is a very complex business environment. Managers are expected to know the ins and outs of factors that impact the extractive industries, such as international trade laws, shifting global economics and environmental issues.

How a masters can help 

A masters qualification in oil and gas management can equip you with the knowledge and skills you need for this important and relevant industry. It will make you stand out from the competition and be instantly more appealing when you are searching for job roles.

You will learn about the numerous variables that impact the industry, such as changing laws, financial implications and new extraction techniques. You will walk away with a sound knowledge of economic theory, including the changing business environment, resource allocation and business efficiency, and factors involved in determining forecasting tariffs and trading blocs. You will learn how this theory applies to operational decisions, which will be vital when you are a decision-maker.

You will also do modules in project management, learning about the factors involved in delivering a successful managed project; marketing and promotion, learning about market segment characteristics, consumer behaviour and how marketing considerations impact your work as a manager; human resource management, delving into the nature of corporate culture and operational aspects of human resources management; and business environment and strategic management, identifying the effect of internal and external factors on management policies. You will also have the chance to design a research project focussing on a real management or organisational problem, evaluate your findings and make robust and workable recommendations.

A forward-thinking industry

In recent times, the global energy system has demonstrated its strength in the face of disruptions and the changing world economy, as shown by the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2014. “The major disruptions to production seen throughout 2013 were balanced by continued rises in production elsewhere,” said BP Group Chief Executive Bob Dudley. “This underlines the importance of continuing to secure these new supplies through continued access to new resources, policies to encourage markets and investments, and the application of new technologies worldwide.”

If you want to be part of this exciting and changeable industry, a masters in oil and gas management will give you the tools you need, and leave you with an in-depth, intelligent and working awareness of this complex and fast-moving environment.