Health And Beauty Tips For Your Hair Body And Face

July 13, 2014

With all the beauty products so easily available to us in the shops today, we often forget that the true essence of beauty lies in simply being healthy . Good nutrition, regular exercise and a good nightly sleep all contribute to a healthy beauty regime. Once we understand that real beauty should actually mean good general health, we can start taking care of different parts such as our hair, body and face.

Face Care Tips

Maintain a healthy diet which includes a good amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins.
Your face care routine must be carried out daily to prevent blemishes and aging to develop.
Clean, tone and moisturise daily using reputable face care products.
It is crucial to include a sun block product in your face care routine.
Make sure the face products you choose match your skin type.
Do not overlook caring for the area around your eyes to prevent dark circles and wrinkles from developing.
Similarly, do not overlook caring for the skin on your neck as part of your daily face care regimen.
Do not be tempted to treat pimples or any other spots yourself – leave blemishes alone.
If you have acne, see a professional dermatologist for advice.
Be aware that stress, worries, prolonged exposure to sun and wind can affect facial skin adversely.
Drink plenty of water.

Hair Care Tips

Maintain a healthy diet which includes a good amount of calcium, iron and minerals to ensure healthy hair.
Brush your hair regularly before going to bed each night.
Restrict blow-drying your hair as this can rob hair of essential moisture.
If possible, use natural dyes and conditioners.
Trim your hair once in 6-7 weeks to avoid split ends.
If your hair is oily, cut down on fried food and fat.
Use a hair oil with Vitamin E regularly to revitalise your hair.
Avoid sleeping in hair accessories as this can cause hair damage.
Avoid shampoos that contain sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS.
You can occasionally rinse your hair with lemon juice mixed with water to make it shiny and bouncy.
Drink plenty of water.

Body Care Tips

Good diet, adequate sleep, exercise and relaxation all make you body beautiful.
Find out your ideal weight and try to maintain this by eating healthily and exercising regularly.
Do not be tempted by fashionable diet programmes to lose weight.
Find time to moisturise your whole body, particularly in the winter months.
When washing, use a mild ideally natural soap which will not damage your skin.
Bathing too many times can make your skin dry and irritable.
Drink plenty of water.

Organic Products and Cosmetics

If you believe that beauty is more than skin deep, you will probably choose to use organic beauty products and cosmetics. Remember your skin is the largest organ of your body and what you put on it is important.

Nowadays, we are fortunate that we can choose from a wide range of organic beauty products for our face, hair and body. When buying organic beauty products, look for appropriate symbols such as the Soil Association symbol, to guarantee that your chosen beauty product has been made using organic ingredients. Be safe and buy your health and beauty products from a reputable retailer. If you are left in any doubt, ask the staff for proof that the product is authentically organic