Looking for a Nanny? A Gardener? A Chauffeur?

June 19, 2014

Many of us need help in our households. 21st century life is demanding. People are busier and busier, with all-consuming jobs that steal away time needed for other things. Such as the garden, where the flowers are unkempt and being strangled by weeds, and if the grass grows any taller, it’ll start touching the clouds. Or the children, who need schooling, looking after, feeding. Perhaps you have so little time, you simply do not cook anymore, living instead on easy meals that are far less healthy, and your home has accrued such thick layers of dust because you haven’t had time to clean it since Christmas… 2009.

Time to get some help?

Domestic help is available. If time is what you lack, help from a domestic household staffing agency can make things easier. Agencies like this specialise in recruiting private household staff who are professional and the best at what they do. An agency will introduce them to anyone – whether in the UK or overseas – who is looking for some professional help in a domestic setting.

Some of us may be in search of a housekeeper in an overseas villa, or a chef for a private yacht. Others may need a chauffeur, or a butler to lend a hand in the family home, or a gardener to bring back some order to that unkempt garden we can’t bear to look at much longer. Household staffing agencies can fulfil these positions. Nannies, cooks, handymen, house managers and tutors can also be placed.

Should I be worried?

In this day and age, plenty of people are concerned about the idea of allowing a stranger into their homes and their lives. Household staffing agencies are fully aware of this. They realise that being in the business of people, not simply the service industry, means they must rely on those people for their reputation and their success. These agencies can’t afford to let their clients down. To that end, they make sure never to place a candidate who has not been through a full vetting system. The safety and stability of their clients’ households is their priority, and so suitability, discretion, professionalism and honesty are key factors when selecting and placing a candidate. They ensure that each person placed is an expert in what they do, possesses the right knowledge and attitude, and carries out their duties with the utmost respect for the employer.